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RBC is a client of leading data fabric vendor Cinchy
Concentra is a client of leading data fabric vendor Cinchy
CAPCO is a client of leading data fabric vendor Cinchy
CI Investments is a client of leading data fabric vendor Cinchy
Colliers International is a client of leading data fabric vendor Cinchy

Double your IT capacity with a Data Fabric

Cinchy’s Autonomous Data Fabric uses a network-based design to replace point-to-point integration work that otherwise consumes 50% of your IT budget. It eliminates copies, minimizes build times, and inherently protects privacy, giving large organizations the ability to accelerate IT projects and make data controls universal.


Building solutions with Cinchy is substantially faster and easier from the very first project, and it only gets better over time as you systematically reduce data silos and integration overheads. Unlike traditional tech stacks that grow more complicated as you add applications, Cinchy becomes more efficient with every new data source you connect.


Global IT executives use Cinchy to take control of their data and cut IT delivery costs in half

Tim Clark
CIO at TD Bank

"We continue to build the bank of the future, we are always looking forward at new technologies like Cinchy that contribute to operational efficiencies and help power new experiences."

Mihai Strusievici
VP, Global IT at Colliers

“Data Collaboration is changing the way we deliver technology solutions, significantly decreasing the time to market.”

Craig Gatten
VP, IT at CI Investments

“Cinchy is a strategic platform for CI to collaborate on data. The platform enables us to solve a variety of different challenges and supports collaboration for Data Workflows, Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence activity."

Intelligence for the enterprise

The typical enterprise manages data across hundreds or thousands of independent data models, each of them rigid and brittle. One of the first lessons in IT is that you don’t change these models; you add to them or you work around them. The Autonomous Data Fabric changes that.


It creates a network of interconnected data, mimicking the organic network of the cerebral cortex. It automatically reorganizes itself to become more efficient as it grows, introducing plasticity to your data architecture. This is the same approach your brain uses to efficiently store and manage information, but it’s never been replicated in enterprise data management until now.

Collaboration powers the enterprise

Until now, enterprises were only capable of Collective Intelligence: non-autonomous agents (both human and machine) contributing to and are controlled by a central intelligence. Data Fabric enables Collaborative Intelligence, a system where human and machine contributors work autonomously in a single problem-solving network. With Data Fabric, collaboration powers the enterprise.

Learn more about our Data Fabric and its connection with the human brain:

Analysts recognize Cinchy as a leader

Concentra Data Fabric

Concentra Bank connected 35 credit unions to a Data Fabric, enabling distribution of $200M for COVID-19 relief.

This was delivered with Cinchy in just 5 days.

“From day one, we were impressed by how we could leverage Cinchy’s Data Fabric to immediately address the issues of distributing the COVID-19 relief program to credit union members. The team moved quickly from concept to live production in just one week.  Their Data Collaboration solution exceeded our immediate technology needs and provided for the complex reporting and governance required by the Government.” 

Ryan Graham
Chief Banking Officer, Concentra

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