The Data-Centric Platform That Makes Data Silos and Integration Obsolete

Trusted by the worlds leading Data-Centric companies

Cinchy is the world’s first Autonomous Data Fabric

Inspired by the human brain, Cinchy’s data-centric architecture makes data silos and data integration OBSOLETE by managing data as a network. Some of the most complex organizations in the world (including highly-regulated financial institutions) are already using Cinchy to accelerate and de-risk their transformation from app-centric to data-centric organizations unlocking unprecedented business agility.

Eliminate Point to Point Data Integrations

Manage Access with

Data-Level Controls

Allow People and Systems to Collaborate on Data

Enable Self-Service Data Access


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App Augmentation & Modernization:

Super-charging your existing technology investments and leveraging a data fabric to enable a hybrid approach while saving you significant costs. 

10x Your Digital

Solution Development:

Learn about how you can take a data-centric approach to deliver the outcomes you're after 10x faster… and no, this isn’t a low-code platform approach!

The Role of a Data Fabric in Your Target State Architecture:

Dan, our co-founder and CEO, discusses how our technology works in an enterprise environment and how it supports your long-term goals.

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Global IT executives use Cinchy to take control of their data and cut IT delivery costs in half

"We continue to build the bank of the future, we are always looking forward at new technologies like Cinchy that contribute to operational efficiencies and help power new experiences."

Tim Clark

CIO at TD Bank

“Cinchy is a strategic platform for CI to collaborate on data. The platform enables us to solve a variety of different challenges and supports collaboration for Data Workflows, Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence activity."

Craig Gatten

VP, IT at CI Investments

“Data Collaboration is changing the way we deliver technology solutions, significantly decreasing the time to market.”

Mihai Strusievici

VP, Global IT at Colliers


Learn why data-centricity is the new way forward

Concentra Bank

Concentra Bank connected 35 credit unions to a Data Fabric, enabling distribution of $200M for COVID-19 relief. This was delivered with Cinchy in just 5 days.

The YMCA of Greater Toronto

The YMCA of Greater Toronto used Cinchy to augment their existing legacy systems, creating a hands-free solution for monitoring facility entry during COVID protocols.

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Cinchy is a leading vendor for autonomous data fabrics.

How data should work

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