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Today’s digital information exists in isolation, unable to connect with other data or users in any meaningful way.


There’s a better way for people to collaborate, and a better way for data to operate. All of your data should work together, and work with you, in a way that requires absolutely no complicated integrations or additional applications. ​

We believe in simplifying the way data works, and allowing you to do significantly more in less time.

Remember when “collaborating” on a document just meant sending around a copy and adding comments, and how easy it was to end up with multiple out-of-synch versions? Then came the cloud, and you could see someone editing a document in real time. Suddenly you knew what digital collaboration really meant.

Data should work that way as well. Teams should collaborate in real-time, sharing controlled access to original sources. When a change is made, that change should be seen instantly across every platform. Any applications referencing that data should be updated automatically. You should be able to see who made the change, and when. There should be no worries about versioning, and no such thing as outdated data.

Data owners can see everyone who has access, and approve or reject every change suggested. And all of it should be easy and intuitive for the end-user, simplifying the way you manage your business. We believe in letting data work the way it should — connected, collaborative, and completely under your control. And we believe in helping people work better together than ever before.

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