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Why a Data Fabric Gives Wealth & Asset Managers an Advantage in Driving Revenue

Being ahead of your competition is critical in the current market. This whitepaper will cover how you can quickly drive more revenue in the COVID touchless economy by using more advanced technologies:


  • Automate the unification of all data from across the organization

  • Manage new data and build new capabilities on the fabric

  • Leverage existing data sources, both internal e.g. data lake and warehouse and external, e.g. CRM applications

  • Query and create custom reports from data across the enterprise

  • Provide real-time downstream data feeds for advanced analytics


A Data Fabric can be built iteratively, by solving one business problem at a time, and each solved problem results in the overall growth of the Data Fabric.


We are excited to share a new approach to leveraging Data Fabric technology for Wealth and Asset Management.

Read this paper to learn

This paper discusses the importance of building an operational Data Fabric specifically for Wealth and Asset Management and addresses these specific challenges in the fund management industry:


  • Unifying and integrating data to and from order management systems, product databases, CRM, custodian data feeds, and transfer agents’ data dumps


  • Mitigating regulatory risks by implementing operational policies and strict workflow rules around what data is published to investors by various business function areas (Sales, Marketing, Operations, Product Management, Portfolio Management)


  • Enhancing operational efficiency for back and middle-office daily reconciliation tasks


  • Enabling faster deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automate workloads and react to market conditions

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