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CEBA 3.0 - Are you Ready?

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Preparing for the future of CEBA

While you’re busy recovering from all the CEBA 2.0 changes, you’ve surely read about the newly announced changes required for CEBA 3.0. These changes not only create significant reporting challenges today but will require effort through to December 2022. In working with Concentra, we know that CEBA 3.0 is about to create a large resourcing and operational challenge at other credit unions.


You're probably asking yourself, how am I going to manage all of the changes?


  • Reconciliation between Data Feeds (W, Z, and F) 

  • Tracking and managing the repayment processes

  • Not to mention auditing, attestations, data validations, fraud monitoring, duplicate matching, governance and reporting

Working closely with Concentra Bank our teams delivered a CEBA Loan Solution for 35 credit unions using our Data Fabric technology that was configured for CEBA 2.0 in just five days. Our teams have been able to accommodate CEBA 2.0 and 3.0 with minimal hours of effort and we have completely automated the reporting requirements through till December 2022. This means no additional FTE resource required today, or for the next 2 ½ years.

Watch the webinar

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A roundtable of Canadian Credit Union executives

discusses how they have automated their CEBA loan reporting.

CEBA Webinar Speakers

Ryan Graham
Chief Banking Officer
Concentra Bank
Kevin Zarubin
Director, Commercial Operations
Concentra Bank
Alan Trieu
Account Director
Jeff Hayward
Chief Operating Officer
Weyburn Credit Union
Jo-Ann Blondin
Director, Marketing
Ravi Kulkarni
Account Director
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