Application Augmentation: Using a Data Fabric to Make Your Apps Smarter

Data Fabric Learning Sessions Episode 2

Imagine enriching your rigid and brittle legacy applications in days. In this session, we will demonstrate how a Data Fabric can 'augment' your existing on-prem and SaaS apps with new capabilities and intelligence, saving you all kinds of time and money.

Recorded on

September 17, 2020

About the Event

There are four words that send chills down the spine of IT developers:


“It should be simple!”


The solutions that “should” be easy are often the most elusive because they usually involve adding functionality to legacy systems that are anything but easy to modify. Or at least they used to be.


In the newest episode of our ongoing educational series on Data Fabric, we’ll look at how Data Fabric can be used to augment legacy systems and other existing applications with new abilities.


Join Cinchy CEO and Co-Founder Dan DeMers for this live learning session on Thursday, September 17th at 11:30 am ET


Learn you'll learn:

  • How augmented apps solve for "simple but elusive" challenges that plague IT departments everywhere.

  • How a Data Fabric can be used to 'augment' your existing on-prem and SaaS apps with new capabilities and intelligence

  • Why creating augmented apps is faster and more efficient than replacing entire solutions

  • How Data Fabric grows organically over time to dramatically improve efficiency without the costly process of overhauling your IT infrastructure.

  • Plus watch the live demo of how it all works

Who should attend:

  • CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, and other heads of enterprise technology, data management, and architecture

  • VPs of IT/Engineering

  • Data Managers, Directors, and other Senior IT officers

Cinchy is a leading vendor for autonomous data fabrics.

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