Healthcare Data

Command Center

Rapidly deploy real-time healthcare solutions without sacrificing data privacy, data protection, or existing data governance frameworks.

Why Data Collaboration?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has shed light on the crucial need for public agencies to move beyond Data Sharing / Data Integration technologies, based on making copies of data, which have potentially catastrophic impacts on data privacy and data protection.

Hotspot Alert system

Real-time PPE Catalog

Vaccine Data Modelling

Hospital 360 Views

Health command centres

Test management systems


Patient 360 Views


and more...

Power unlimited, real-time healthcare solutions

Build a Healthcare Data Command Center

Cinchy offers a Healthcare Data Command Center that is hosted by healthcare agencies. The platform is an “agnostic infrastructure” that can leverage data from any source, including contact tracing apps, mobile location data, and legacy healthcare systems

Powered by a Data Fabric with network effects for IT delivery

Build unlimited, real-time healthcare solutions

Real-time systems


Predictive Analytics

Learn more about the Data Collaboration Command Centre

Deploy real-time

solutions in days

Cinchy offers a drag & drop Query Builder interface. 

Saved queries auto-generate REST API for powering new solutions.

Every project goes faster, while
integrating connecting your Data

Cinchy's award-winning design applies networking principles to Data Management and solutions delivery

Fast: 1st Project

Fastest: 100th Project

Faster: 10th Project

Next-Generation Auditability

Instantly view, query, and report every change that's ever been made by a user, team, system, or AI/ML tool.


Ready to dive deeper?

Chat with our team of health experts to learn more about how Data Collaboration can help you deliver secure real-time healthcare solutions without sacrificing data privacy, data protection, or existing data governance frameworks. 

Cinchy is a leading vendor for autonomous data fabrics.

How data should work

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