Cinchy hosts a full house at TD TechConnect event to exchange best practices for Data Fabric

Updated: Jan 5

Cinchy hosted a packed room of TD employees in the latest edition of the bank's TechConnect event series. Attendees gathered to exchange ideas and best practice and related to Data Collaboration which is already powering multiple digital transformation projects at the company.

TD TechConnect event featuring Cinchy

Our sincere thanks go out to all the TD staff who braved the year's first snowfall to learn about Cinchy and Data Collaboration technology.

Join us every Thursday for our Data Fabric learning series as we discuss Data Fabric concepts, roadmaps, best practices, and demos, alongside special guests.

The goal of the event was to inspire more teams to explore Data Collaboration technology as the agile and secure way to reduce data complexity and accelerate projects. Leading enterprise organizations like TD are using Cinchy to take a proactive, agile approach to reducing the complexity that has resulted from 40 years of the "app-centric" approach to technology.

Leading analysts also now confirm that finding ways to reduce data fragmentation is a prerequisite to delivering digital transformation goals like IT project acceleration, data privacy, and data democratization.

How Data Collaboration works

Cinchy is a single platform for powering 100s of solutions from a centralized, network-based platform that is used by everyone from IT to analytics to marketing. New projects are delivered quickly and collaboratively by following a radically simple approach:

1. Connect

Project data tables are either created natively in Cinchy or automatically formed, via real-time connectors, from external apps, systems, or data warehouses (connectors are set up one time only and without code).

2. Protect

Data Stewards grant access to project tables for individual employees, teams, or even entire functional groups using our Universal Access Controls that set data-level permissions on who can view, edit, enter, or query data.

3. Collaborate

Employees and systems connected to the network collaborate directly on data to build custom data models that power real-time solutions. These solutions can be experienced directly within Cinchy or externally via browser, voice, AR, or VR interfaces.

This simple process enables the delivery of secure, enterprise-grade technology in weeks, not months, and with far greater data security and at far less cost compared to traditional "app based" approaches.

As more and more projects are delivered in this way, they take increasing advantage of pre-connected data sources, meaning that projects get delivered faster and faster over time. This is the famous "network-effect" applied to the technology delivery process.

Take the Cinchy Challenge

We're challenging enterprise technology leaders to explore our radical alternative to the "app for everything" approach (and its never-ending data integrations) and test the Data Collaboration paradigm for themselves.

Here's the deal.

Name any planned IT project and give us 30 minutes to show how we will save months and millions on its delivery:

  • New Customer Experiences (desktop, mobile, chat)

  • Advance Analytics

  • 360 Customer Views

  • Secure systems and workflows (e.g. compliance)

  • Adding AI/ML predictions, automations, and personalizations to existing services

  • Data Mastering / Content Catalogs / Reference Data

You can start your Cinchy Challenge here.

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