VIDEO: The End of Enterprise Applications

Updated: Jan 5

This video was recorded live at Strata NYC in September 2019 and features Cinchy co-founder Dan DeMers discussing the rapid emergence of the Post-App Era in enterprise technology.

Welcome To The Post-App Era in enterprise technology

We hear what you're saying: aren't apps (and systems) the entire basis of today's enterprise and public sector tech ecosystem?

Well, yes they are, but that's actually the PROBLEM.

Applications fragment and silo data, leaving its owners with NO CONTROL. They make the delivery of new technology a slow and expensive process and render mission-critical projects like Data Governance, Data Privacy, and Data Democratization virtually impossible to implement.

But as senior industry analysts are starting to agree, there's hope.

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The rise of enterprise Data Collaboration

As the video illustrates, Data Collaboration is the radical new paradigm that uses the network-based architecture of the human brain to offer the enterprise a simple and incremental path out of the app-based complexity that's placing their competitiveness, agility, and even regulatory compliance at risk.

The outcomes of adopting an enterprise Data Collaboration Platform are staggering:

  • Data Integrations are gradually eliminated from all new technology projects

  • Owners give access to their data, not copies, delivering next-gen Data Privacy

  • Hundreds of major technology projects can be delivered from a single, secure platform

  • Tech projects actually get delivered faster over time as the network grows

  • All employees, legacy systems, Saas tools, and even AI/ML can collaborate on data

  • Much of Data Governance can be automated, improving data quality

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