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Concentra started their Data Collaboration journey by delivering two high-profile solutions faster and with vastly improved Data Protection.


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"We're responding to a call for innovation, personalization, and a superior customer experience to build a great new bank for Canadians."

Don Coulter  |  President & CEO

Concentra at a galnce

Concentra provides financial and trust services to 250+ unions to ensure their 5+ million members can choose competitive financial services.

"In 10 years, Concentra aims to be the leading bank in the country for entrepreneurs and mid-market businesses, as well as a consumer finance bank"

- Concentra Annual Report 2019

  • Employs 329 people

  • Serves 227 credit unions

  • $8.9B in total assets

  • $36.9B in Assets under Administration

  • Net income of $30.1 million

  • Efficiency ratio of 59.0%

  • Return on Common Equity of 6.6%

  • Funds $200,000 of community projects annually

  • Funded $1.6M to 120 community projects in Canada since 2011

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Compounding benefits

Cinchy's interconnected data management architecture means that each solution that you deploy increases the time and cost savings for the next. It's the famous "network-effect" for IT delivery.

Incredible Efficiency

Technology teams use Data-Centric Delivery to build modular, real-time business capabilities that are powered by a centralized Data Fabric and do so without Data Integration. This increadible efficiency saves months and millions compared to traditional approaches.

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Cinchy is used to deliver hundreds of enterprise technology projects. Give us 30 minutes and we'll show you how Cinchy will cut your timelines in half.


"Cinchy is recognized as a leader in the rapidly-emerging categories that are transforming the enterprise."

The human brain can teach us a lot about the future of data management.

'Best of Show' Finovate NYC 2019

'Top Startup' CIX 2019

FinTech Company of the Year 2019

'Top Pick' TechCrunch Disrupt 2019​

Cinchy is a leading vendor for autonomous data fabrics.
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