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Cinchy introduces the World’s first Data Fabric that gives you FULL CONTROL OF YOUR DATA


The cliff of complexity

Traditional applications fragment and overexpose data, drive up IT costs, and force project delays. A new approach is desperately needed.


Simplify with a Data Fabric architecture

How data works today

Data is trapped in apps that force complex

work-arounds that overexpose data and frustrate every employee and project

How data should work

Data is managed as an interconnected

Data Fabric, secured centrally, and made accessible for Data Collaboration by everyone


Cinchy is recognized as a leader in the rapidly-emerging categories that are transforming how new technology is delivered

Save months and millions

Cinchy is a solutions-delivery engine that offers a simple, collaborative process to save months and millions on every project that you deliver.


IT teams use our Connector Library to add new data sources (if needed) from existing apps and systems for your project.


Data Stewards set data-level access controls for individual employees, teams, partners, or office locations from a simple, centralized interface.


Users login to collaborate with colleagues, algorithms, and systems of record to deliver new solutions without Data Integration.


Accelerate as you scale

As each new project adds to your Data Fabric the data becomes instantly available to all future projects. 

1st Solution

e.g 40% time savings

10th Solution

e.g 60% time savings

100th Solution

e.g 80% time savings

This compounding simplicity is your path to incredible agility.


Shift to data-level protection

Today, controlling access to sensitive data is 'best-effort' at best because the controls are scattered across hundreds of apps. Worse, Data Integration is exposing thousands of copies to users and systems virtually undetected.

With Cinchy, Data Stewards finally have a "single source of truth” where they can set incredibly granular access controls from a central interface.

These data-level controls form part of what we call “Autonomous Data” and they're like a protective force-field that follows your data into every solution powered from Cinchy.

Autonomous Data

Embedded access controls





Leverage every data resource

Cinchy has been created to give every employee, system, and algorithm the ability to collaborate securely on data and contribute to the delivery of new solutions.


Support new solutions with no Data Integration.


Set Universal Data Access controls to automate governance.


Build sophisticated models with drag & drop simplicity.


Help design new customer insigths and experiences 


Deliver real-time reports, catalogs, and systems.


Add insights and predictions to to live operations.

Legacy Systems

Provide seed data and act as a system of record as needed.


An app for everything 

One platform for anything

Use Cinchy to build real-time solutions from secure,

Autonomous Data in half the time and cost of traditional approaches

360 Customer Views

Personalized services

Automated Compliance Reports

Back-office systems


Used by organizations across the globe

Level up your compliance game

Audit every view, add, change, delete, and query (ever) with auto-versioning and our detailed Collaboration Log 

Mistake? Click to instantly revert to any previous version 

A second employee adds an update

The record is extended from a SaaS-based system of record

That data is augmented by an ML tool

Employee 1 enters data


Take the Cinchy Challenge

Select any data-centric project, even the ones at the planning stages, and give us 30 minutes to demonstrate exactly how Cinchy will save months and millions on it and every subsequent project you deliver.


We realize that this is a bold statement so we back it up with a

no-nonsense, eye-opening demo.

Cinchy is a leading vendor for autonomous data fabrics.

How data should work

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