February 2021

Leveraging a Data-Centric Platform to Optimize the Global UHNW (Family Office) Client Experience

Data Fabric Technology Enables Global FIs to Unlock Powerful Intelligence From Their Data

The solution was designed, built 
& deployed 
in 16 weeks.

Cinchy’s Data-Centric platform was leveraged by a global bank to develop a cross-border, fully-integrated 360 private banking platform.


The platform connected multiple data sources to elevate a advisor-client experience that included an workstation which empowers advisors with a 360 view of the household, the ability to generate on-demand consolidated reports, and provide greater insights and advice on investments, tax and general household estate planning.


This solution was developed from concept to launch in 3 months, saving 2 years and millions in the process. It is an example of one of many technology solutions that can be accelerated with the Cinchy platform.


Users within the bank are now able to monitor real-time activity across the private banking (PB) team, forecast risk, and identify time-sensitive investment opportunities for clients, e.g. ESG. It also increases the onboarding efficiency for new clients.

Data on the platform is controlled across the front, middle and back-office operations using Cinchy's built-in data-level controls to limit data access where required, e.g regulation and compliance. This helps speed up the execution of events and decreases operational costs across associated business lines linked to the Household (HH) account.


Cinchy’s Data Fabric technology can inform end-users in real-time when there is a change in the client HH net worth, 


For example, a change in interest rates, a market correction, or a rise in art or rare wine portfolio. 


When there is a change in data from any of the sources being ingested, this triggers an event that alerts the [private banking team] end-users of the change, as well as any associated metadata.  If there is any impact on linked data sources, it is updated before it is sent downstream and exposed on the private banker team workstations.

Cinchy enables you to link data together from multiple sources and enables the orchestration of data through an intuitive UI. 


This allows you to expose the data as a usable service in a visualization format or table format.

“Cinchy’s free proof-of-value was used to prove out the solution in a real-world scenario before the company committed to purchasing.”


Protect. Deploy.

Based on the requirements of the Private Banking team, the target data sets can be ingested into the fabric using Cinchy's connector architecture.


Once the data is on the fabric, users can easily blend the necessary data sets by granting access, instead of making copies. All data on the fabric is queryable with Cinchy's native query engine, which can also be used to generate a generic REST API in minutes. Data on the platform is protected by cell-level access control enabling you to meet stringent regulatory and compliance standards.


With the Cinchy platform, your teams can continue to add an unlimited number of intelligent solutions, including real-time analytics to inform the end-user of risks, for example on a specific investment asset.

Inspired by the human brain, Cinchy’s data-centric architecture makes data silos and data integration OBSOLETE by managing data as a network. Some of the most complex organizations in the world (including highly-regulated financial institutions) are already using Cinchy to accelerate and de-risk their transformation from app-centric to data-centric organizations unlocking unprecedented business agility.

About Cinchy

February 2021


  • Connect disparate data sources across the enterprise without the need for traditional ETLs, APIs, and reconciliation tools.

  • All data changes are automatically updated in real-time on the fabric and connected systems.

  • Protect all data on the fabric with built-in Universal Access Controls to meet strict regulatory and compliance standards.

  • Deploy intelligent private banking solutions in weeks vs. months with a Data-Centric approach.

  • Optimize your 3rd party data and analytics applications to their fullest potential to quickly identify investment trends and opportunities.

  • Manage all data on the fabric through a business-friendly UI (table, query, and visualizations views)